Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paradoxal Spirals

Ahhh, Challenge #62 from Laura aka Diva, is to create a spiral or spirals while using the Paradox tangle. I love paradox; it's very magical. As you see my first piece, I made a double spiral switching the variations of paradox. The top spiral repeats the paradox exactly the same way. The bottom spiral switches the the way you start the pattern, mirroring the square before. I must admit that sometimes I would get lost in the pattern but since there are no mistakes in zentangle, I carried on and am pleased with the result.

without shading

 with shading

The second  piece I was going to try to do both variations again but I stopped when I liked the way it was looking. I created the lines where I was going to make the mirrored paradox squares but thought that it would be way too busy. Keep it simple. I like it.

first attempt
a day later

Fun, fun, fun. Thanks to Laura for another challenge. They keep me going, keep me practicing. Keep on keeping on!

Oops, I just realized that I forgot to shade! Tomorrow I will add pics with the shading.Silly me. Okay, here are the new ones added on. As you can see, the second design got some waves in it as well. I like that better. Interesting.


  1. Lovely Janee, I can hardly wait to see the shaded version because these are great without! I think version #1 is my fave!

  2. Janee, I think these are both terrific and I can't stop looking at the one on top!

  3. Thank you ladies. I hope you still like them after the shading.

  4. Both lovely, and it's interesting to see the before shading, and after pictures. Shading really gives movement and depth!

  5. Nice! They look like they are flowing. Isn't it wonderful how the shading adds depth?