Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tangling on vacation

Well, I guess that I'm finally relaxed enough to write a blog post. I'm sitting on the porch right on the water, watching kayakers, sailors, and fishermen. Friends should be showing up here in about an hour then we will be heading on the water ourselves. In the meantime I can show you what we've been up to here at Lake Willoughby in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

From my kayak trip this morning.

Hiking up Mt. Hor with my son and his friend. (See all that beautiful green along the trail? That's stinging nettle! No problems though.)

A little tangle break by my son.

One of our beautiful sunsets.

Son trying out my Hobie Revolution kayak with sail.

On to the Diva Challenge #175! This week is a UMT, or use my tangle, using a tangle pattern, Crux by Henrike Bratz. Here's my entry:

I also used my own tangleation of an Acoma Pueblo inspired pattern.

Before coming up here for vacation, I made a traveling watercolor book of paints. I've only used it a little so far, but I do like it a lot.

Here's the book and water brush.

These are Inktense watercolor pencils.

These are Tombow markers. Other pages have Caran D'Ache water soluable and prismaloi aquarelle pencils, Dr. PH Martins Hydrus water colors.

Here is an example of my painting using my nifty book.

Hope you enjoy your week!