Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ah, the ol' 2-Pencil String

This will be a quick posting due to getting ready for a little drive...VACATION!
This week's Diva Zentangle Challenge #128 is to create a tile starting with a 2-pencil string. This is drawing a string with 2 pencils banded together so you have parallel lines. Mine isn't very fancy, but it's okay.

Vega, Snail, Kuke, Golven, Shattuck, and I can't remember the name of the background.
So, off we go. Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Opus and Cirquital Challenge

This week's challenge was to endure the heat. Phew! The Diva Challenge this week was to create a piece using 2 specific tangles, Opus and Cirquital. It's the Challenge #127: Duo Tangle v. VII! So I combined both challenges: staying cool and tangling with the duo tangles.

I went kayaking at our local lake, about 5 miles from my house. I paddled around for a bit, then parked my kayak and went for a swim. Ahhhhh, much better. To dry off I walked around the island, picking wonderful wild blueberries, snacking while picking, of course. With enough berries to keep me happy for a while, I sat down at the picnic table and began tangling.

So here's the island on the lake with the picnic table.

MMMMM blueberries!

My view from the table.

My Zentangle!
Since it has been sooooo hot (I'm not very good with heat), I did the same thing yesterday but stayed at the lake even longer, and read instead of tangled. When I was ready to leave, I was paddling in and saw a friend out floating on a tube so I stayed out and floated around and talked, with my feet and hands in the water. Very nice. I then got home and got a call from a friend in need of a swim so off we went to another body of water...the Stratton snow-making pond! That was even more crowded than Lowell Lake, but oh, so refreshing.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Who knew that summer would be so crazy?

Boy, time sure does go quickly when you're having fun. It has been too long since my last post and I do apologize. I missed a couple of Diva Challenges, but this one makes up for one of them. This week's challenge is to create a piece of artwork using Zentangle and a stencil of some sort. I found a quilter's stencil at our local thrift store a couple of weeks ago so I decided to use that. I had to do a little tweaking to it, but it works. I used Kuke, Fern, Brayd, and Quig.

My picture isn't as good as I would like because my scanner is not working.

I have been busy making a couple of scarves to sell as well as tangling a hazmat suit for our 4th of July parade. Too bad it was too hot to wear. We painted the other suits and carried them in the parade (with balloon heads). I was marching with the Mountain Painters & Artisans Gallery (Please take a look and Like us). Later I may make the suit into a jacket or something. I never got to the legs.

I hope to be better at keeping up with my blog. Let's see how I do.

Enjoy the weekend.