Saturday, March 24, 2012

Challenge #63 Fun with Fengle

I'm so glad that Laura aka Diva challenged us with the new official tangle "Fengle". I've been poking at it for a while but really needed to dive in and play with it. I'm glad I did. The first one I made in my journal so it's a bit bigger than an official zentangle tile, but it was fun. I kept it fairly simple.

Then I wanted to see what would happen if I tried more than one fengle. I had seen other folks create a tile with multiple fengles so I wanted to give it a try. This time I made it on a zentangle tile.
It was fun exploring different ways to fill in the fengle. I'm not sure I love them all, but I did have fun experimenting.

I've been showing the kindergartners how to make fengle since they are very curious of my zentangling, and because we spend a lot of time with letter shapes. Fengle begins using "s"es. I'm not sure they have the patience yet, but they do enjoy the filling in shapes with tangles. They have been throwing patterns in their own art work. It's so much fun to see. How cute is this? One of our students even put it in his writing journal:


  1. Your lines are so distinctively beautiful when you are working with fengle! Gorgeous tiles!

  2. Janee, your Fengles are fabulous. I'm especially drawn to your second tile with multiple Fengles, great contrast. Love the fact your getting the Zentangle Zealots onboard early. Very cute!
    P.S. Zentangles on the beach would be great!

  3. Very mesmerizing, the first one!