Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun with Challenge #60 Duotangle v.III

It was interesting in where this challenge took me this week. Laura a.k.a Diva challenged us to a duo tangle (using only 2 tangles) with Cirquital and Munchin. I have used Munchin before but Cirquital was a tangle that I wanted to play with, so how perfect. For some odd reason I didn't want to start out on a traditional tile so I went to my journal book. I reached for my pens and came up with at Sharpie pen....not the usual Micron, but I decided to go with it. Oops, it's the blue one, not the black! Ah, there are no mistakes. So here is my multi colored, ZIA. Okay, so the cirquital isn't in the round, either. It's just one of those weeks!

Looks like I should dedicate this to Dr. Seuss, whose birthday was March 2nd! Doesn't it look a bit Seussical?

I got a new iMac the other day. I hope to learn to work with PhotoShop to help me with my creating brochures, flyers, and working with photos. I have a lot to learn and hopefully you will see some decent results. 

I was checking out a fun Google Talk with Trey Ratcliff from It's a great, inspiring talk. He is certainly a very gifted photographer who has learned to keep the fun in his day to day life. Here's one of his photos I found very inspirational:

He also has a great, free app for the iPad..... Stuck On Earth. Check it out!


  1. I love your multi-colored, not round, and totally Seussical piece!

  2. Truly a great challenge piece. It is unique and beautiful!

  3. Cool, and yes "Suessical"! Love your use of color.