Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fortune Teller: #64 String Theory

Ahhh, the ol' fortune teller. Laura Harms gave us a fun challenge (aren't they all fun?) this week, using the segmented tile that is reminiscent of the kids' paper folding fortune telling game. Yes, I do remember them and happy that they are still being made by kids today. I have also seen them made by big kids, filled with different tangle designs, to decide which tangle to use next. Personally, I just flipped through different tangle patterns to see what I wanted to come up with next. I wanted to try some that used to give me problems for the extra challenge and I wanted to alternate dark and light patterns. Here's my first one and hopefully I will do another later this week because I've got other ideas dancing in my head.

Chartz, Shattuck, Strircles, Squid, Pokeleaf, Umble, Drupe & Flux


  1. Lovely tile, your alternating lights and darks is very effective. Great contrast!

  2. I am enjoying the choice of patterns you used. They speak wonders and show great beauty!