Saturday, January 11, 2014

It has been a while

I haven't updated my blog for a while. Holidays and vacation happened. It sure was a busy time, but now life is slowly getting backtrack to normal. We had a nice, quiet Christmas with local family then my husband's brother and family arrived from MD to help celebrate their father's 90th birthday. It was a lot of fun with a lot of cooking and celebrating. I was able to teach a Zentangle class during that crazy time, which was wonderful, then I taught an extra class to my talented niece and nephews. They were quick learners.

This week's diva challenge was to create a tile using 2014. I had already signed up for a postcard swap for the new year and was a little slow getting them out, but it worked in the long run since I could use them for the challenge! I love it when it works to my advantage.

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