Saturday, September 20, 2014

Phicops & Diva Dance

Greetings Folks! I've been such a baaaaad girl and have not been keeping my blog updated. So sorry if you have been stopping by now and then to see if anything has been brewing. Life certainly has its way of getting in the way.

On to the tangling! This week's Diva challenge is to create a tile using the tangle patterns Phicops and Diva Dance. Here's my entry.

Last weekend I was playing around with a new tangle called Cosmic, created bySharon McKenney, CZT.  How I love this one! It is a lot of fun to draw and play with. In this one I just added a little of Rick's Paradox.

This next one I wanted to see if I could add another couple of petals and put some Ing around the outside of it, filling that in with orbs, spirals, and Shattuck. I like it.

 And finally, I was thinking of dear Bijou and came up with this after seeing a photo of an endearing snail:

B'dylan and the snail

Thanks so much for visiting. I'm hoping that it won't take too long to post another tile.