Friday, August 15, 2014

A little Plaid

Back in the blogging saddle again. Wow, it seems that time just goes whooshing by. Summer is such a wonderful time to get out and enjoy nature's creativity, and time with family and friends. Actually, all year round it's wonderful but it's just easier, perhaps, in the summer.



You might have heard the big news in the Zentangle world, the introduction of Bijou® tiles. They are 2"x2" tiles, fun to tangle on. The idea is to tangle on your tile like a snail, slowly, simply, pausing often to admire the view, etc. They are available in a tin of 55 tiles with a couple of "Bijouism"s, like Breathe, Relax, Savor, Comfort.
Here is the tin of Bijou® tiles and some characters I made from the packing peanuts (don't ask)
There is so much excitement around these fun-sized tiles. Cherryl Moote, CZT has come out with directions on how to create a cute tile folder, which I had to give a try:                                                                  


I took a class on Tangled Labyrinth Journals with Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT with a wonderful group of folks. What fun! We first created a beautiful meandering journal then began to learn to draw different types of labyrinths. I can see making these with some of the kids at school…it just might be good for them!
Meandering book

My first filled in labyrinth

Goddess Labyrinth
This one on the right is called the Goddess Labyrinth and so I decided to create the goddess as well.

On to this week's Diva Challenge #180, using Anneke Van Dam's pattern "MacDee". Being a Mack, then MacKugler, I knew that I'd love this plaid pattern. I was going through my e-books and decided to work with Helen William's Flips, Folds, Ribbon and String book. I'm pleased with the result of this one.