Saturday, March 10, 2012

Golven Challenge....Waves

Ah, once again I am closing in to midnight with my challenge entry for the week. Some day I want to have it done on the day the challenge comes out; Monday.  Work and meetings get in the way of my own playtime though.

This week we are challenged with the tangle Golven which is Dutch for waves. You can easily see the waves in the pattern. This week we have been having waves of weather here in Vermont. Beautiful spring-like weather one day and then snow squalls the next. Crazy stuff. I did get out cross-country skiing today with some friends which was quite nice. Lots of fun animal tracks out there! Here's my Golven tile:
I was watching a great PBS special using Netflix while creating this tile, called Between the Folds. Great documentary on the art of paper folding. Wonderful and quite interesting. Hope you all remember to set your clocks ahead. Spring is near.


  1. Very nice,
    Love the combination with the orbs !

  2. The center Waves/Golven are so very 3-D! Nice job. The the border hugs the center perfectly. I really like this piece of art.

  3. my what a supper tangle. Good use of Gloven

  4. Your waves of golven have amazing depth and beauty!