Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Challenge #101 UMT v.XII: "Phicops"

Laura, our fun tangle-loving Diva, gave us a challenge this week to use her husband's new tangle, Phicops. I love organic tangles, and this one is great fun to do. I think I could use some more practice with it, but I do enjoy it immensely. Instead of a tile this week, I chose to work on a bookmark. If you click on the picture, you'll get an enlargement of it.

I have a new respect for Simon Beck. He's the guy who makes those wonderful snow patterns with his snowshoes which look like beautiful zentangles. Amazing work. A while back I went snowshoeing with my husband and good friend one night and after a jaunt around the lit trails (so beautiful) we went to the field and began tangling. A little Henna Drum here.......

A little Leaflet there.......

Wow, it's a LOT of work! I'm thinking that it would be good to figure out what you are going to make before getting to your snowfield of choice, and choose a pattern which can be made continuously
(like what you would do if you were machine quilting the pattern). Next time I'm going to do it in the daylight and do it somewhere where I can take a picture from a higher spot. It was a lot of fun! I wonder if we could do a group snowtangle.


  1. I think I'd rather drag a rake in the sand on a warm beach. . . . . maria

  2. Wow! Your bookmark using "Phicops" is really gorgeous.

  3. Love your version of this new tangle. Your bookmark is beeaaautious, the color is perfect for this organic tangle. Happy New Year to you! Your snow tangling is great!

  4. Wonderful bookmark with amazing shading! Your snow tangling looks like fun, but I have to agree with Maria and say I'd take the beach too.... (though we've hit record high temps in Toronto the past couple of days and it sure doesn't feel like winter here)