Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Tuesday...do you believe it?

Ha! It's Tuesday and I have already completed this week's Diva Challenge. Laura's family is sick yet she still rallied to put out the challenge to us all; to use String #3 for our Zentangle. Here's the string...

Here's my tile using Knightsbridge, Pinch, Leaflet, Yoga, and some flowers  :

AND the amazing thing is that this was completed LAST NIGHT......that's Monday night! It's amazing to me because I'm usually thinking about the tile all week and then finally get to it on Friday or Saturday. I'm so glad that this is done because my husband has bought a new ski helmet. It's white and he wants me to tangle it for him. I've started it but it will take a while to get the thing completed. I will be sure to upload pictures once it's done.

I love the way Zentangle brings balance to my life. Who knows, I just might be posting more this week.

Have a wonderful week.
Tangle more.


  1. Like your use of Yoga. Have not tried that one yet.

  2. This is great Janee, wonderful tangle choices. Very Hippy Dippy, Wow, man! Can hardly wait to see your helmet when its done.

  3. I like the flowery tangles among the geometrics.

  4. ooo that reminds me a lot to the 60ies or 70ies graphic scene! wonderful!

  5. You made a beautiful tile! And what a great idea to tangle on a helmet :-) Love to see it after it's finished.

  6. I love that put some flowers in - they make a great organic balance to the other stark geometric designs