Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Diva Dance...I'm liking it.

Ahhh, this week's Diva Challenge is hosted by Rick and Maria of Zentangle for Laura's 100th challenge! This pattern is a lot of fun; it's the Diva Dance! Wooo Hoooo! Congratulations to Laura for giving us 100 challenges! We are all the better for it.

I decided to incorporate the Diva Dance with the request for zentangle, zendalas, or ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) tiles for the Newtown, CT school. Every stroke of the pen I thought of those who lost their life on that terrible day. I wished for healing for those who remain. I sent my angels down to CT to help those in need. This tile will be sent to CT to be put in the new elementary school.

I really enjoy Diva Dance since it can be incorporated just about anywhere. Fun, fun, fun. I can see that I will be using this a lot.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I'm very fortunate to have both sons home for Christmas. Time to kick back and enjoy their company. Be well.


  1. Nice tile, with the birthday candles! The stars are amazing. Like your work!

  2. Delightful! Perfect for the season. Enjoy your boys!

  3. very pretty, jane, and yes, i agree, this is one i'll be using a lot too!

  4. A beautiful zendala, together with beautiful thoughts of compassion.