Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dansk Challenge and the helmet

This week's Diva Challenge is a UMT, or Use My Tangle challenge. Margaret Bremner, CZT had entered her own tangle, Dansk, to be used in Laura's challenge and it has been chosen this week.

Margaret said that she got the idea of Dansk from a soap dispenser in a friend's bathroom. You never know when those designs will hit you!

I saw the challenge on Monday morning and then as I was walking in to work I noticed that someone had an interesting shoe sole pattern in the snow. Ha, look at that! It's the beginning of Dansk!

When I got home from work I took out a tile and began my tangling. I decided to do a mono tangle of Dansk.

Last week I told you I was tangling my husband's ski helmet. Well, it's almost finished. All I need to do is apply some automotive clear coat to it and (hopefully) it will be done. He has gone out and skied with it as is and it seems to be holding up quite well. Lots of people have been attracted to the helmet and he has been kindly giving out my business cards. Who knows? Perhaps someone else would love a  hand designed tangled topper!

Egads! I almost forgot! Do you want a chance to win one of Carole Ohl, CZT's Tangle A Day calendars? If so, go on over to Diva Laura's site to enter. I'm in! It's a great calendar for you to tangle in.
Good luck.

Until next time......tangle on!


  1. Love your Dansk tile with heel, nicely done. Helmet is Amazing, what pens did you use for his helmet?

  2. Your tile is lovely...but that helmet is spectacular and such a great place to display your zentangle. We need to see Zentangle on a NHL goalie mask.

  3. I love your monotangle tile very much.
    The helmet is really great and I can imagine that a lot of people come to see what it is.

  4. Like the Dansk tile and the helmet. Maybe next time you can just tangle in your blog address and phone number. A mobile business card. It is amazing how we become aware of patterns, or parts of them the more that we do this.

    1. Great idea! I love the mobile business card. :)

  5. Love the helmet! The dansk tile is fabulous!

  6. love the helmet ;what pens did you use?
    I did al little table with posca-pens

  7. Thanks for the nice comments! I used Sharpie Oil Paint Markers for the tangling and Fabrico marker for the shading.

  8. love your monotangle ('specially the shading), but am in awe of the ski helmet! Too cool!

  9. Your Dansk monotangle is wonderful. It's very flowy and fun. Nicely done. Of course the helmet is awesome! What a great and fun idea. Your husband will be rockin' the slopes tangle style!