Saturday, December 8, 2012

Challenge #98 and #97

Playing catch-up. Last week Laura asked people to create a tangle without a string, this week we were challenged to use a tangle called Keenees (it's an itsy bitsy,teeny weeny, yellow polka dotted bikini...). Here's my tile:
I used Fungees, Jacki, Keenees, Bubble-Bobble-Bloop, and Etcher

Funny how my tiles transform. I didn't use a string because of Challenge #97 that I never got around to last week. I knew I was to use Keenees, so I drew those first. Then I put an aura around them and added a little Bubble-Bobble-Bloop ( I still need to put the directions for this one on this blog; it's the pattern my son made up for me on my birthday in Oct) then Jacki (Sandy Bartholomew's). I got a nice email from a past Zentangle student who has just discovered Escher and I told her that Sandy Bartholomew has a tangle called Etcher, so here it is. I was looking at a video showing Fungees, a tangle I have enjoyed drawing, so I decided to add that one too.  Phew! Now it's done.

Last week I drew this snow globe for the Yahoo ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) group:

It's beginning to feel like Christmas! I also made a bunch of these wooly xmas trees:
They are made from upcycled, fulled, wool sweaters (washed in hot water in washer). I love them!

Hope you are getting in the holiday spirit as well.


  1. Hello Jane...I love how your Keenees tile seems to feature two energies, approaching each other harmoniously. Bubble-Bobble-Bloop is a really cool tangle. And your wooly trees brought a huge smile to my face! :-D

  2. Your tile is very nice! I like the little flowers in it. I also like your christmas trees.

  3. Thank you for sharing this post with us. I love how you have filled your first tile with beautiful patterns...the Christmas globe is beautiful!