Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zen Olympics

Ahhh, the Olympics. Athletes from around the world working hard, preparing their bodies and minds for the chance to compete against each other. Dreams and inspiration to the rest of us.

This week's Diva Challenge was covered by Rho Densmore, CZT. She had us thinking of the upcoming London Olympics and to use the Olympic Rings as the string, or part of the string.
It was interesting to come up with something unique, something historical, informative. I have the required rings, the 2012 medal (the "back" side which includes a grid, Hollibaugh, radiating the energy of athletes and sense of pulling together, and a square balancing the circles to give a sense of place. It also has the Thames River, and some architectural symbols.) and the laurel, or olive branches.

I was thinking of my son, Cam, who had a dream of making it to the Olympics. He is a cross-country, or nordic, skier. In high school he was #2 in the country. He worked very hard, getting closer and closer to his goal, then his knees started to complain. His 6'5", 205 lb body was great for going down hills but getting it back up the hills was hard work.

He is now a ski coach, helping others achieve their dreams. He watches his friends and fellow racers continue their olympic dreams, knowing that he can no longer ski beside them at the races. I know it hurts him, but am proud of him helping others. He had a great ski racing career while it lasted and I hope his coaching career lasts even longer.

Here are the rings again, in the heart and mind of a once-upon-a-time 8th grader. This was his dream.
Let's hope that the children watching the olympics coming up will get inspired and dream of some day working towards that goal.

Get that Olympic fever! Go USA! Good luck to all the athletes!


  1. Including so much that symbolizes the Olympics gives the perfect response to this challenge. Beautifully done!

  2. such a heartfelt story - I am sure he is very valued as a coach and gets a lot of pleasure and inspiration from his 'students'. A lovely tangle!