Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ready Auraknot, here I come!

The Diva Challenge this week, Challenge #78, is to create a tile using the brand spanny new tangle pattern Auraknot. So there I was on a lake in town which I have renamed Inspiration Lake. It is my favorite spot to go to. I was paddling around and decided to stop mid lake and get out my pen and tiles and get to work on this week's challenge.

First I drew a star and auraknotted away. Here it is, traveling through the water.

Hmmmmm, what next? Well, I was drifting atop the lily pads so I decided to give them a try. I kind of like them!

My challenge for you folks is to go outside and get inspired by nature. What can you put Auraknot on?

I might as well do some housekeeping while I'm at it. Here are some older challenge pieces that I never posted due to crazy end of the school year stuff:

Challenge #74: String Theory V X: Eccentric Circles.

and then there's challenge #75, Tanglation Nation: Cadent.


  1. I kind of like your lily pads too! When I see your first tile I think....catch a running star and put it in your pocket! I love the movement you have achieved on what we all know is flat boring paper!

  2. I like the title of this post. I love your ZIAs especially the floating stars.

  3. Love your post...and your aura'star'.

  4. Thanks! Auraknot is a lot of fun to play with.

  5. Love it Jannee,
    You've done such fun stuff with Auraknot. Love your flowers and how kool to see stuff you hadn't had time to post! Congrats on the nomination!