Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fiore di Petro

Peter's Flower. Our Diva challenge this week is to create a special tile using a special tangle. Fiore di Petro is in honor of Rho Densmore's brother-in-law who recently passed away. I had fun with this tangle because I kept seeing flowers in different ways, depending on where you put the accent. The variations are endless. Rho, you may use this tile in anyway you'd like. So sorry for your loss.

Fiore di Petro, Hollibaugh, Flez, and a bepurk variation:)

Well, our Zen Piano is finally out in public! If you are anywhere near Hanover, NH during the month  of July, please go visit it and the 50 other pianos. Our piano is at the 6 South Street Hotel in Hanover.

There is a Piano Quest, a kind of game that takes you to all the pianos. You can find that at . It's so great to see the wonderful pianos out and about in the community. Bravo Hopkins Center for the Arts! The Hands On Pianos project is a success.


  1. A beautiful tile, so soft and detailed. And I love your tangled piano! I wish I could see them all.

  2. your tile turned out great! and i love your zen piano - how cool is that!!!