Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm on a roll

Actually, I have to get this done before I head back home tomorrow. I found it real hard to blog while on "vacation" because there was so much to get done. That didn't stop me from checking out patterns though. Look what we found in Helsinki: Ynot?

Awesome! Then I found a little VT in the city

In response to this week's challenge, A Tile Within a Tile, I have played around with a couple of ideas. The first was from the Finnish pine tree I found on our walk.

Here's a simple one:

And then I decided to be more serious...

Okay, time to go,
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  1. Love, love your interpretation of this challenge. I have learned a lot analyzing your work. Thank you for sharing your obvious talent!

  2. Nice! I like the dark/light play in the first one.

  3. Nice job Janee, glad you found the time to post while on vaca, how fun, you world traveler! All 3 are great.

  4. Your Pine one is absolutely fabulous.