Saturday, August 27, 2011

Assunta & friends

I enjoyed, as always, Diva's challenge this week. A new tangle has come out recently, Assunta, and we were challenged to create a zentangle using it. I also threw in the other new tangle, Prestwood. Assunta is so much fun because there are so many different ways to "dress" it up. This was my first attempt with both and I'm pretty happy with it. I needed a dark filler so I just made a lot of cross hatch marks. Yay!
Here it is:

On a side note, this summer I decided to try out those potato grow bags. Here is the first crop that I dug up for dinner the other day. How about that heart! They were quite yummy.


  1. Lovely job on Assunta Janee, your cross-hatches are great texture. Love the heart potato it is so sweet, what a crop farmer J!

  2. My vegetable garden is restricted to my deck. I'm so happy that the potatoes are doing well. My carrots are growing and I've already eaten some tomatoes! Peas and lettuce have come and gone (I had to share the peas with my dogs). Herbs are yummy. But now we are hunkering down for Irene.

  3. I love your assunta. Plus you got in Prestwood and a tile in a tile! The texture is lovely throughout.

  4. Thanks for the nice comment, Karen. I had a tile with the square string left over, so why not use it?