Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Challenge #28 tripoli

Ahhhh, vacation. In between my paddling I have taken pen to tile and have produced two "tripoli" zentangles for Laura Harms' challenge. To be honest, I've been having some problems with this pattern. I really have to be paying attention to each stroke (I know, I know, I should always be doing that. I hear Maria in my ear....your strokes should be deliberate. She's right, you know). Anyway, I turned on my music and was more deliberate with each stroke and it worked oh, so much better.

This first one I used a string our school nurse drew for me for a past challenge but couldn't find until this week. The second one I was starting to get the hang of the pattern a little bit more. I started with a blind string.

Enjoy! Smile! Breathe!

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  1. These are beautiful, Janee! I think you've "got it", now! *G* My fave is the first one....

  2. Great job, I love your combinations I can see you get into the groove with this pattern. I especially like your size variations in #1.

  3. It's real difficult to do this one right, and you did it so well. It's beautiful!

  4. Very cool, I love how the first one flows from on variation to the other.

  5. Very nice. I also found this one hard to keep on track, and I posted an idea that helped me on my blog.

  6. Lovely.
    The first one makes me think of a tripoli sea whashing away a tripli beach!