Sunday, May 12, 2013

This Schway and that Schway

I'm a little late posting this blog, but it is what it is. The Diva Zentangle Challenge this past week was to  create a tile using the new official Zentangle pattern Schway. I enjoyed playing with Schway. I got confused a couple of times, but all is good.

I like the way some folks were able to loosen up the grid-like patterning of Schway so at first I decided to create something along those lines. I wasn't too sure about it but once I went back to it to fill it in with filler patterns, I began to like it. I decided to create some conflict (well, that was because when I was joining the zig zag columns I kind of goofed, but all is well in the world of Zentangle).
Schway, Knightsbridge, and Tortuca

Then I decided to draw a stringed tile using multiple tangle patterns. This was done late Saturday night while at my in-laws for a Happy Mother's Day/Birthday/Bon Voyage get-together. After dinner the boys settled down for a game of poker and I decided to get at least one tile finished.
Flux, Schway, Leaflet, my mistake :), and ?


  1. Both are beautiful, the first one is my favorite.

    1. Thank you. The first one reminds me how the last month of school is feeling!