Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kute Kuke

I'm liking Kuke. It's a pattern brought to us by Katy Abbot, CZT via Laura Harm's Weekly Challenge #118: UMT v. XVI. UMT stands for Use My Tangle and Laura challenges us on the first Monday of every month (or thereabout)  with a tangle brought to us by one of her readers. Katy's Kuke came about from a cucumber slice. You never know when or where you might find inspiration!

I also was playing around with some color and art a la Stella (Loretta Grayson). Here's what I came up with:

 I'm liking it. Now my challenge, as always, is how to frame my work. I really have to plan ahead a bit more and choose some frames first THEN create the artwork so it will fit. I was looking at Facebook earlier today and there were some wonderful photos of northern lights taken early this morning. This kind of reminds me of those.


  1. Both of your pieces are nice, but the second one really speaks to me. It is quite charming and yes, I would try and find a frame for it!
    Beeeeaaaauuutiful! :)

    Be happy & creative,

    Jacque S.

  2. I like both too (but the second one is my favorite...)

  3. Janee, your Kuke is FAB, love the contrast, very fun. Your color piece is just gorgeous it will be wonderful framed!