Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo in VT

Well, we didn't get as much snow as our southern neighbors, but the 10-12" was good enough to put people back in good spirits. You see, in Vermont we like to see the snow. It means that the skiing, snowboarding, sledding is much better. People come visit to play in our snow at our ski areas and parks. They buy groceries, stay at our inns, eat at our restaurants, buy gas, and go to our unique stores. Everyone seems to get in better moods. We like snow.

I do feel sorry for the folks in MA, CT, RI and southern NY whom are not quite as prepared for the snow (and they got a lot more than we did). I hope that they can get shoveled, plowed out and life can resume as it should. In the mean time, I did see a lot of pictures of people playing in the snow which warmed my heart a bit.

Speaking of hearts, I went for a snowshoe hike on a local lake this afternoon and decided to try another snowshoe art a la Simon Beck. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me (or a high enough vantage point to shoot a picture from), but when I got home I told my husband that his valentine card is at the lake. Hmmmmm. When I got home and got rested, I decide to draw my snow art.

The inner design is what I tromped out in the snow. The outer design (LOVEtangle) I added for the drawing.

Fun in the snow, with an added bonus: exercise!

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