Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tangled fun

Last week I was at a Wellness Conference and began this tile there (using my right, or dominate hand):

I didn't get to finish it until I got home because the workshops were just too interesting. Notice the W as the string?

I have been having fun creating the möbius tangled valentines. The other day I created one with a friend.....which I highly recommend. It's fun when you each tangle a strip of paper. The strips then are glued into a moebius strip, one with the twist to the right, the other with the twist to the left, then glue them together at a 90 degree angle, or perpendicular, before cutting the strips in half to create the magic.

Here are the möbius strips glued together:

And this is after the strips are cut down the middle lengthwise:

Cute, right? So cool. KNM at Xplore & Xpress introduced this möbius fun to me. Check out her site...she has a lot of fun ideas!

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