Sunday, February 5, 2012

T'Other Hand Redux

Creating a zentangle tile is a lot of fun and can be challenging on its own at times, but when you create one using your non-dominate hand the challenge is ten-fold. I enjoyed Laura Harms' challenge the first time around last year so I was excited about having a go at it again this year. I must say that I'm not sure that I did as well as I did last year, but I did have fun. It was definitely good for the ol' brain.

I even signed the back with my left hand....not so pretty. I am still amazed that I can do anything at all with my left hand. I should do this weekly!
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Location:T'Other Hand Redux


  1. It would probably help all of us to do this on a regular basis! Well done!

  2. Each of these tangles looks like they would be quite challenging with you non-dom hand. It looks so different from the one you did last year (thanks for providing that link!), but in each you did that circular tangle that I love! I am not sure what the name of that on is; can you tell me? (On this tile it is top-center.)
    You title makes me smile! ("T'other"--I love it!)

  3. So many angles and contrasts in this tangle. I think you did a great job!

  4. It's amazing how quickly you can learn to use your non-dominant hand. I had to use mine a couple of years ago and got to where I could sign my name and you could read it....not so much when I tried to tangle! lOL!