Saturday, March 5, 2011

My entry for Challenge #11

Update: I finally finished with the shading on this monotangle today. I do like it better now that it is completed.

I stopped by our local quilting store today, Waterwheel House Quilt Shop, and as I walked in the owner, Shelley, said that they were just talking about me this morning. Huh. She then showed me her new Zentangle books. Ahhhhh. Now I can't wait for them to do some playing themselves so they can show me how to tangle with the sewing machine (I certainly am good at tangling up my sewing machine, but that's different). Just what I need, a new interest (like a hole in the head), but now I am curious.

Choosing one tangle for a "monotangle" and fill up the tile. I am so happy that Laura Harms came up with this challenge. Actually, I had to think about it all week, but I do like the result. Lots of thoughts, lots of tries, but here it is:


  1. very nice indeed, I also had many trys for my Betweed, it was a challenge! Smile.

    Your came out very nice, all the challenge paid off!

  2. Nice monotangle Jane, your shading is excellent!

  3. I like them both. The stones first one is simple and stands out. I love the deep contrast.

  4. Very cool, I especially like the laces!

  5. love the stones.. and your local quilting shop.. I had no idea there was one in Londonderry. (I'm over in Putney).