Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh Well!

Challenge #135 - Well, well.
Yes, we are to tangle using the new tangle, Well. I had fun playing with this. Once again, I waited to the last minute, but it did get done. My sciatica has been a pain in the you-know-what. Geeesh. I did go for a wonderful massage Thursday after work and that was great for a while. Hopefully I will get a call early in the week for an appointment for the PT. Enough of this already! Okay, enough complaining.

I have been tangling with our second graders. It's great to just chill out and tangle. It seems as though everyone is enjoying it, and they are doing a great job!

Here's my challenge tangle:
Well, Rick's Paradox, Zanzee, and more Well.

I was working on some flowers today:
It's not a great picture, but the flower on the top left is all made from (soy-free) chocolate wrappers, the top right is from mostly recycled art room papers and of course, the bottom one from birch bark.

Have a great weekend and week.


  1. A beautiful tile and also very beautiful flowers!

  2. A great tile and creative flowers!

  3. Nice job Janee, I love your tangle variations. Flowers are fabulous, the way you've combined nature (birch bark) with recycled items is just great!