Saturday, September 21, 2013

Color me Zentangle

This week's Diva Challenge was to create a tile using color. I'm of the traditionalist, liking the black and white look of Zentangle, but I began by taking a tombow marker and a water brush and began to put color down on a blank tile. I then started the tangling. It was basically all one color and bland so I took out some more markers and colored pencils and added more color. Phew!

Here's the end result:

Looks like I should try playing around with color more often; I need the practice.

Last July/Aug I completed my 9 piece Zentangle ensemble to join an ensemble swap with some fellow CZT's. Here's what I created:

I sent the tiles out in the mail to be mixed up with other people's tiles and this past week I got a new ensemble made with 9 tiles from 9 different people. Here's what I got:

How fun is that? It's all so very cool.


  1. Your colored tile is beautiful, I like the colors you have chosen.
    The ensemble is great, I made some with a friend of mine. Indeed a lot of fun.