Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying to catch up

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by. I almost made this post Saturday night, in time for the Diva's challenge, but after realizing I needed to get it done, I got out of bed, went upstairs, turned on the computer then I  couldn't find my tiles! Yikes. It has been a very busy extended weekend with family visiting, spreading my mom's ashes, catching up with everyone and today the septic tank replaced and the beginning of our driveway being redone. Phew! Well, today I found my tiles. Here's last week's Diva Challenge #83. It is a duo-tangle, using only Mooka and Assunta.  Here 'tis.
I enjoy making Assunta but still haven't felt all that great about Mooka. I'll have to create many tiles of Mooka before I can master it.

Here is Diva's Challenge #81 which was using Bright Owl's string on a zendala tile. It just took me a long time to get it going, then I finally finished it on 8/16. Thank goodness I had to take my car in for service since it allowed time for me to get a lot done! I like this one.
Now, back to school this week for Kinder Camp then the next for the real start. Summer just whizzed on by, but I certainly got out and enjoyed most of it.
Have a wonderful, creative week!

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  1. I am vice versa....I love working with mooka and assunta is tough! Good job!