Saturday, May 5, 2012

Duo Tangle v. IV

Hello folks. Today's entry is this week's Diva Challenge: drawing a duo tangle using Hybrid and Strircles.  Funny how things come out in the end. Putting Strircles in the dividing lines in the Hybrid gave the tile a whole different look. I like it though:

Today I finally met the other CZTs from Vermont. Here is a picture of ALL of the Vermont CZTs:
 L-R: Ann Coakley, Suzy Shedd, Sadelle Wiltshire, and me (Jane MacKugler)

We got together today to start on a zentangle project over in New Hampshire with some other folks. Yes, we are going to tangle a piano for a community art project in Hanover. Call us crazy.
Standing L-R: Debbie, Bette Abdu, Ann Coakley, Suzy Shedd, Sadelle Wiltshire
Sitting L-R: Jane MacKugler and Liz D'Amico

I'll add more photos as the month progresses. The piano should be all done by the end of the month. FYI there are 47 pianos being decorated one way or another in the warehouse. These will eventually make it to busy sections of the greater Hanover/White River Junction area. Can't wait to see how they all turn out.


  1. Love your challenge tile and can't wait for a photo of the piano.

  2. What a great project get-together. Send the pictures of the completed project. Have fun!

  3. What a great project to tangle a piano... can't wait to see pictures! Your tile is nicely done - I like the way the hybrid hugs the "pillow"

  4. That's a really nice tile. Very pleasant to the eye. I am curious to see the finished piano. Should be beautiful and certainly unique.

  5. Janee, tile is great and love the idea of your piano project. I'm so excited to see the progress of this project. Hanging with fellow CZT's, how fun!