Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tangling away

Due to Laura's (aka The Diva) son back in the hospital, we are left on our own to challenge ourselves. No problem there! Today I was home sick from work so I rested and tangled. I got out my zendalas and started (and finished) my first one. Yay!
My good childhood friend's father passed away yesterday. He was like a second father to me; I will miss him....RIP Mac. He was in my thoughts as I tangled today. I taught my friend zentangle last weekend. I hope that she will find some solace with it sometime soon. It did help me.

I also finished a tile that I started last week:
Just having fun with patterns.

I wanted to test out a marker on fabric because I want to make a zentangle flag, so here's my tester:
It was a busy tangly day today. I guess that I really needed the rest and relaxation. Now if my head would stop hurting.... This too shall pass.

Have a great, healthy week my friends. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Which marker did you use on the fabric? And did you try to wash it to see if it would bleed when wet? Just wondering.

  2. Ohh, I'd like to do some fabric zentangles (cushion covers, a t-shirt, apron...) - please share which markers you used - Your "flag" looks great!

  3. I used Artline's ECO-GREEN Permanent marker and a gray Tombow marker for the shading. I love the eco-green markers because they are made from 97% recycled material and are refillable! You can also replace the nibs. I'm pretty impressed with the marker, as you can see. I was a little worried at first because it bled just a little on the cotton sheet, but after it's all done it really doesn't look that bad! I did put water on it after ironing it and it did not run.