Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aura Echos

VACATION WEEK! Ahhh, it's coming to an end and I'm just squeaking out Laura's challenge for this week. We were challenged to create a tile using tangles with auras. I like what my friend Danni called it: Laura's Auras.

The weather has been wonderful up 'til now and I was busy getting my snow tires off, going to the dentist, getting my kayak in the know, all the things that needed to wait until I had some time off from work. So here it is, Saturday night. Time to get this blog written after just completing my zentangle. I played with Mi2 and I'm enjoying it very much. Fun, fun, fun. Ok, here it is.
Until next time......


  1. This tile is fun! You know removing snow tires guarantees a spring snow.

  2. i found you through the zentangle website. your art is lovely and inspiring.

    Michelle in Butte, MT

  3. Your Mi2 reminds me of a tire tread. Getting the snow tires off must have been on your mind when you played with your tangles. Great job.

  4. B-rad got a kick out of my title for this challenge too. lol. great tile