Saturday, July 30, 2011

Challenge #32 Zentangle is for Everyone

Yes, indeed. Zentangle is for everyone. The artistic meditation that keeps you in the present. Every stroke is deliberate. It's a feel-good art. It's quick and you can create it just about anywhere.

Carole Ohl was the guest challenger this week on Laura Harms' blog. She asked us to come up with a Zentangle using four specific tangle patterns (Paisley, Zedbra, Baton, and Keenees). If you send her your completed zentangles, she will put them in an art show she is showcased in, in a restaurant in Ohio. So here are my submissions:

This one was created while floating on Lowell Lake in my kayak.

This was created at home after the delightful paddle.

I hope that you enjoy them as well as those dining at Amicis.

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  1. Nice Janee, and your post leads us to realize that Zentangle is for anywhere (as well as anyone!)

  2. They're both lovely. You can almost feel your relaxation and delight.