Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Morris, Challenge #19

It was a pretty hectic & crazy week for me so all I got was one zentangle completed, and that was done while waiting for my husband's surgery to get finished. Long day...or two. I'm glad that I took my zentangle supplies with me (including the white gel pen). Hubby's doing okay and is on the road to recovery, albeit a little gingerly. It certainly has been a crazy week with the weather as well. My heart goes out to all those whom have been affected by tornadoes and flooding waters. Yikes, what a week.

Here's my tile:

The bottom left is my own design "Twist" which I'll give directions to when I have the time.


  1. Beautiful ZT! I'm looking forward to seeing the instructions for Twist!

  2. Beautiful, Janee - your tile is just lovely and I look forward to a step series for Twist.

  3. This is great Janee! PokeRoot looks really good in white; love the design of the whole tile!

  4. Glad your husband is on the mend. This wonderful tile you created probably sent him lots of healing ju-ju in the hospital. Beautifully done. I look forward to seeing it in person at the training!