Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Catching Up with Hitch/Oke and a whole lot more

Oh boy, it has been way too long since I last posted. Life just marched right along and I must have been caught up in it all. Well, it's 2015 and I'm ready to try to get back to blogging.

I'm going to go backwards a bit here, I hope you can bear with me. The reason I got back into it is because of wanting to tangle this week's Diva Challenge. This week we are to use Heidi Sue's Hitch pattern. Here I used it with Oke by Michele B:

Last month was Christmas and all the preparation that goes with it. I decided to give my mother-in-law an advent calendar that I tangled every "door" and put a photo behind each one. It took a long time but it was well worth it. She enjoyed her present very much. Here's the finished piece (click on it to see larger version). I bought the calendar from Gardener's Supply. You can see a close up of all the tangled doors by going to my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/MacKugler.

DIY Advent Calendar

I bought 2 calendars but only got around to tangling one this year. I guess that I better start now for next year's. It really was a lot of fun to create and even more fun to share photos of the doors with my friends.

Sometime during this creating frenzy of mine, I bought a cool drawing toy. It's called an Original Mandala-Designer by Ravensburger. I got the classic design. Oh what fun it is to play with! I've been having fun creating fun mandalas. The Zendala tiles fit nicely in the designer.

A bit of zentangle and color added, put it in a frame and took it to the gallery and it was sold! Fun stuff.

I better stop while I'm ahead here. It's good to be back on the blogging scene again. Hopefully I will be chatting with you folks again soon. Thanks for stopping by. Happy new year.


  1. Nice tile - and I like your mandala too. Congrats on the sale!!! I'm wondering - where did you get that nice square frame? Sue Jacobs

  2. I like your tile and the balance between the gray values!

  3. Welcome back!!!! Your tile is beautiful and so is the rest you show in this post. Especially the advent calender is fantastic.

  4. Wonderful tile with a great variation of Hitched!

  5. Great idea for the advent calendar. I'm not exactly picturing what your mandela tool is, but if it helped you generate a sale, that's great. My hope this year is to try to earn at least some money to support my blogging and zentangle habits. ;-)