Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's a bug's life…

Well, I'm back. I guess that I needed a break. I took a look at what the Diva challenge is this week and remembered it was about bugs. I used all different kinds of pens and pencils.

This is something that I did two weeks ago. I submitted it to the Frost Mountain Ski Club where my son is ski coach and executive director. Even though I got the most "likes", he has vetoed my design. In all fairness, I got a lot of my friends to vote, so I don't feel so bad. I love the design and think that racers would look awesome in this suit….and they would be VERY FAST!

This is a relatively short post because I'm having problems with either Blogger, or my computer, or both. Hope you have an awesome week.

Tangle on.


  1. What a great idea to put bugs in Crescent Moon!!!

  2. This is so amazing! Wonderful coloring and very creative!

  3. I almost missed the bugs in the crescent moon - Thanks Anne for commenting on that - Since I always teach crescent moon as being the size of ladybugs - your using actual bugs is Perfect!

  4. Janee, this is great - love your dramatic butterfly and those wonderful CM bugs! Your tangle choices create the perfect environment. Your suit design is perfect, built for speed!

  5. Great bugs! I love the suit design! Your son should reconsider! The racers would look awesome in this!