Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tipple over

Challenge #133.....using Tipple. I waited until the last day to get this one done. The reason? School started and I have been very busy and very tired. (Not quite as tired as one of our little 1st graders who fell asleep during Library the second day of school - poor little guy) It certainly is hard to get back in to the routine of school. Up early, going to work, home and exhausted, dinner somehow, a little netflix, then off to bed. Phew! I did have a meeting or two to go to as well, somewhere in there. Yikes. Good thing that we have a three day weekend! We need to ease our way in to this.

So, Tipple. Lots and lots of spheres. Lots of them. I did this one while on the boat while my husband and son, and his girlfriend, were fishing. It's a beautiful lake with Stratton Mtn in the foggy distance. There seemed to be lots of love in the here is what I came up with:

Here's some pics from the fishing trip:
Yummmm Dinner!

More dinner!


  1. Great Tipple! I'm right there with you on getting the challenge done. I am just now getting to looking at last weeks due to my back to school crush of trying to get everything ready for the kid to come in today, so I know the feeling! :) Love your tile and the fish pictures! Have a great week!