Saturday, July 20, 2013

Opus and Cirquital Challenge

This week's challenge was to endure the heat. Phew! The Diva Challenge this week was to create a piece using 2 specific tangles, Opus and Cirquital. It's the Challenge #127: Duo Tangle v. VII! So I combined both challenges: staying cool and tangling with the duo tangles.

I went kayaking at our local lake, about 5 miles from my house. I paddled around for a bit, then parked my kayak and went for a swim. Ahhhhh, much better. To dry off I walked around the island, picking wonderful wild blueberries, snacking while picking, of course. With enough berries to keep me happy for a while, I sat down at the picnic table and began tangling.

So here's the island on the lake with the picnic table.

MMMMM blueberries!

My view from the table.

My Zentangle!
Since it has been sooooo hot (I'm not very good with heat), I did the same thing yesterday but stayed at the lake even longer, and read instead of tangled. When I was ready to leave, I was paddling in and saw a friend out floating on a tube so I stayed out and floated around and talked, with my feet and hands in the water. Very nice. I then got home and got a call from a friend in need of a swim so off we went to another body of water...the Stratton snow-making pond! That was even more crowded than Lowell Lake, but oh, so refreshing.


  1. what a great way to cool off in the heat! sounds like so much fun!

    your drawing turned out great - i like how you wrapped opus around the large cirquital - it really draws the eye in :)

  2. What a beautiful zentangle and great to see the view you had while tangling!
    Here in The Netherlands it's also very hot for some days and the best way for me is just to stay in the house with windows and curtains closed.
    Until the evening, when it's pleasant outside.

  3. It´s wonderful! Very nice variations of this two tangles.