Friday, April 12, 2013

Z Challenge #113 Hip to be Square

I've been fascinated with the frames, or squares that have been popping up all over the Zentangle world lately. It got me looking at old frames even to the point as while on a 4th grade field trip to VT's State House, I was taking pictures of frames while everyone else was taking pictures of exhibits, people, etc. It's all about checking out the patterns!

This week's Diva Challenge is to create a square within a square within a square. Great. The outer square is inspired by one of the frames up in Montpelier at our State House.
Here's mine:

Dragonair, ??

Here's the inspiration:



  1. Nice use of white space! Makes for an awesome tile!

  2. A beautiful tile, I also like Dragonair in it.

  3. Jane, this is wonderful! I love how detailed your line work is. Beautiful Dragonair! Aren't frames fantastic inspiration? :-)

  4. Nothing like a state house to give you great inspiration! Love your tile.

  5. Dontcha just love our wonderfully inviting state capitol and citizen legislature (we have at least 2 friends that are legislators). I love how accessible it is for the public to attend meetings and hearings. And yes, the art and architecture. Lovely building. Makes me yearn for another visit north sometime. Hope your 4th graders had fun!