Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zen Leaves

I realized that I never got around to tangling a tile this week, but I did tangle on 3 leaves. The Diva Challenge this past week was to use Socc, created by Erin Olson, CZT. The top leaf in the scan below has Socc in the middle and Hurry and uh oh, I can't remember what's on the right side, and Avreal on the stem. The next leaf has Finery. The bottom leaf has Florz, Eke, Orlique, Pepper, Crescent Moon, Nekton, Braze, Rain, and BB. At least I have 3 more leaves to add to my birthday zen tree.


  1. These are such a clever idea. I had traced some maple leaves and haven't gone any further than I know what I will do with them. Thnx!

  2. These are really glorious! I haven't tangled leaves yet...just might have to.