Monday, October 29, 2012

Introducing Bubble Bobble Bloop

As Hurricane Sandy is approaching, I have the day off from work and I can devote some time to my blog (before we loose our power). Yay.

I had a birthday recently and my youngest (22) gave me a wonderful present....a new tangle! It's called Bubble Bobble Bloop and looks like this:

Directions for Bubble Bobble Bloop are:
Keep going around in a spiral with the ascending and descending lines until you feel you are done. Then fill in with the bubbles.

Here's a tile I created with Bubble Bobble Bloop, Liken, Leaflet, BTL Joos, and Vertigogh. It's a tad busy for me, but I still like it. I used the larger Zentangle Apprentice tile and the Pigma Sensei pen to explore them both. The pen is not as fine as the Microns, but I think that it did a good job. It does  have a sturdier tip.

He also made me a tree to add zentangle leaves to. Well, I'm guessing that was the idea; there were no instructions, just a nice white tree with a bunch of white leaves. I tangled one leaf with the Bubble Bobble Bloop and one with Boomerangs, Chordin, and ???. The tree should look great once I get all the leaves completed and attached to it.

Chordin, Boomerangs, ??

My Z Tree


  1. Jane you must be one beaming mom! I'd likely melt if my son gave me such a wonderfully thoughtful and creative gift! (And he does, just not of the Zentangle variety) ;-)

  2. What a great gift! And a great tangle! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing your gift with us...I love the new tangle, it's great fun and the name is fun to say! Please extend my thanks to your talented son.
    Sue O.

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed my gifts as well. I have extended your thanks to Grahame. :)

  4. Beautiful, the leaves and birthday tree and BBB are amazing, Happy Birthday Janee!

    1. Glad you like them and thanks for the HB!

  5. What a wonderful son to give such gifts! The BBB tangle is neat; looks like it will be fun to do and play with. And the tree is very unique and will look fantastic when filled, Im sure! Tangle On! With Blessings~
    Now that I know, too, belated birthday wishes! I hope your day was all you wanted it to be and your wish comes true!