Sunday, June 10, 2012

Challenge #73 and Zendala Dare #8

I must be nuts. I'm involved with 2 challenges a week now. I am enjoying it though, even if it's keeping me up late at night.

Here's my Diva's challenge #73, using Bridgen:

And here is my zendala dare #8, using LOVE: Laced, Opus, Vitruvius, and Ennes:

Interesting stuff.


  1. I love the way your two tiles worked out!

  2. i need to try one of your 1st tile patterns - i think it's called snayltrayl - or something similar - it looks great here!

  3. Your Bridgen tile is VERY creative, and I love the Zendala, especially the way the "laces" tie it all up and the Verdigogh is so feathery and light.

  4. Both are so fabulous! I am amazed how different all of our tiles look on the DARE challenge...yours is beautiful! Love your bridgen too!