Saturday, January 21, 2012

Purple haze - challenge #54

Purple is the color associated with Moebius Syndrome. Laura Harms is the person enticing me to create a fun zentangle every week through her challenges and is (super)mother of a little one with a very rare neurological disorder - Moebius Syndrome. The challenge this week is to create a tile with a little purple in it. I decided to try also adding a Moebius strip. Here is my tile:

Interesting to wrap my mind around tangling a Moebius strip.

As promised, I have a new tangle for you to try out. Go on over to see Whyz.

Laura Harms' aka , site has been nominated for The Most Fascinating Blog Awards! in the Teaching Blog category. This is from their website:

The Most Fascinating Blog Awards are an annual collection of the web’s most inspirational and thought-provoking blogs.
To be nominated for the award, your blog must:
Inspire your audience
Encourage discussion through comment posting
Contain genuinely fascinating content
Blogs are nominated by our editorial team and are voted on by our readers.

You can help by going on over and vote January 21-27th, 2012.

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