Saturday, October 29, 2011

Challenge #45 Introducing Punzel!

I like Punzel. It's so easy to throw in some variations. I did have fun with this, yet placing it in just the right spot proved to be a bit more challenging for me. Here's my practice page:

As you can see, I just didn't know how to showcase it. Here's the tile I ended up with:

I think it works best as a border. Fun, fun, fun.

I also gave scanning right on to the SD card then transferring it onto my iPad. I like it that I can now crop within the Photo. Yay!

FYI, it's snowing and they're calling for 6-12 inches!


  1. Very nice - and totally agree with your thoughts on border and placement and fun. Stay warm!

  2. It makes a great border but I think playing with the scale can have it be an effective focal tangle too. Love your shading -

  3. I'll certainly spend more time playing around with it. Punzel sure is fun.